Terms & Conditions

As the hirer, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Pitch my Tent.  The terms and conditions form an integral part of the rental agreement with Pitch my Tent.  Upon confirmation of your booking, you will be bound by the terms and conditions.

A copy of the terms and conditions are available on the website and you are asked to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions of Pitch my Tent upon completion of your booking form


The ‘Hirer’ is the person entering a hire agreement with Pitch my Tent, and whose name appears at the top of the booking form.  The Hirer accepts full legal liability for all equipment, irrespective of whether the said equipment is for their personal use, or that of another member of his/her party booked.

The Hirer must be at least 25 years old.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions of hire on the booking form, the hirer agrees to enter a contract with Pitch my Tent.

The “Equipment” includes but is not limited to tent, camping furniture and other item(s) provided as art of the rental package as advertised by Pitch my Tent.  The equipment is the responsibility of the hirer from the date from which the equipment has been hired to be erected at the pre-paid campsite from Pitch my Tent  until the date and time of departure as specified on the booking form.

Pitch my Tent undertakes:

To send a confirmation of booking within seven days of receipt of the booking form and upon payment of the final balance.

To deliver and erect the equipment as defined on the booking form on the agreed date and by the agreed time.

To take down and remove the equipment on the agreed date as stated on the confirmation of booking.

To provide equipment that is in good working order.

Conditions of hire

The hirer accepts full responsibility for the safety of the tent equipment and the safety of any person who makes use of the equipment for the duration of the hire period.

The hirer must be able to identify themselves if requested by a member of staff of Pitch my Tent.  Pitch my tent reserves the right not to hand over any equipment or to cancel a booking if the hirer is unable to identify himself or herself as the hirer.

All tents are pitched on campsites owned by a third party.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to read the terms and conditions of the campsite specific to where they are staying and to abide by these terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions of the campsite are separate to those of Pitch my tent.

Pitch my Tent does not accept any responsibility for the actions of employees or third parties that are not employed by Pitch my Tent.

Charges will be made for the damage of equipment during the hire period.  The charge will not be greater than the total cost of a replacement tent or a specific item.  If the amount to be charged is greater than the value of the security deposit, the hirer agrees to pay for all the costs incurred in repairing/replacing the equipment.

The hirer agrees to not modify the tent in any way.  If the hirer does have a need to modify the tent in any way, they must contact Pitch my Tent immediately.  The hirer is responsible for the actions of any third parties, including the risk of fire.  The hirer takes full responsibility for any actions by third parties that cause damage to the tent. The hirer takes full responsibility for the actions of third parties that cause safety or fire risks and the consequences that result from such risks.

All equipment is the property of Pitch my Tent.  The hirer must not hire out the tent to any third party.  The hirer agrees to only have the specific number of people  staying in the tent as agreed on the booking form.

Pitch my tent will always endeavour to provide good equipment. However, due to the nature of camping and adverse weather conditions, some water may enter the tent. Pitch my tent cannot be held responsible for acts of God.

A non-refundable deposit of £80 is required at the time of booking. Please note that your booking will not be confirmed until the deposit has been paid in full. The full balance of the hire charge is payable no less than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental, together with a returnable security deposit of £120. Any booking received within 6 weeks of the start of rental must be paid in full at the time of booking along with the security deposit of £120.

In circumstances where the tent is to be used for purposes other than accommodation or for large parties including stag and hen parties, the amount taken as a security deposit may increase.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is no loss or damage to the equipment or personal injury to themselves or third parties. Pitch my Tent accepts no liability for loss or damage to personal possessions or injury or death to themselves or third parties who use the tents and equipment.

The tent and its equipment

Under no circumstances is a naked flame allowed in the tent. This includes but is not limited to naked flames, gas appliances, gas heaters or candles.

Bbq’s are not allowed in tent – for safety information regarding carbon monoxide poisoning, please see (caravaning club info) http://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/helpandadvice/camping-safety/carbon-monoxide-poisoning/.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that any naked flames outside of the tent are at a safe distance from any equipment, equipment belonging to a third party or to third parties themselves.

All our tents are strictly non-smoking. – tobacco smells can be considered as damage.

No swinging from the frame of the tent or undue heavy loads to be placed on the frame of the tent this includes wet clothes.

In high winds it is the hirer’s responsibility to check that all pegs are securely fastened and that all guy ropes are secure.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make sure the tent, floor and all furnishings are kept clean – even in poor weather conditions.

All cooking equipment must be returned washed.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to check that all equipment is present and in good working order as noted on the confirmation of booking. Any concerns must be reported immediately to pitch my Tent.

The Client expressly acknowledges that The Owners are not the original manufacturer or supplier of the equipment. The Owner accepts no liability for any injury or death from any claim or proceedings arising from this contract with The Client.


In the event of high winds we reserve the right to cancel the additional hire of our awnings.

Pitch my tent reserves the right to cancel or amend a booking due to adverse weather conditions.  The hire charge will be returned in full along with the returned security deposit.

Cancellation fees

The following cancellation fees are applicable depending on how many days before departure the cancellation is made. Cancellations must be made in writing to Pitch my Tent.

  • 0-28 days before departure = no refunds.
  • 28-42 days before departure = 50% of the value of the total booking cost.
  • More than 42 days before departure = a full refund will be given less the deposit.

In the unlikely event that the equipment is damaged by the previous hirer and that no suitable alternative can be found, a full refund will be issued. However, Pitch my tent accepts no further liability.

Force Majeure

While every effort will be made by Pitch my Tent to carry out any order accepted, we are unable to accept any liability or pay compensation for any event classes as a Force Majeure. Force Majeure is defined as circumstances which prevent the performance of the contract which are totally outside our control, and include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, industrial action or dispute, technical problems to transport, port closure, congestion at a port or airport, epidemic or disease.

Arrival and departure.

The check-in time for the hirer to enter the tent is 4pm unless a prior arrangement has been made in writing with Pitch my Tent.

The departure time for the hirer to depart the tent is 10.00am unless a prior arrangement has been made in writing with Pitch my Tent.

Late departure

If the hirer does not vacate the property by the time stated on the confirmation of booking, Pitch my tent reserves the right to charge a fee of 50% of the total amount for a 1 night hire. As well as this, the daily rate of the campsite fee will be charged. Any deductions necessary will be taken from the security deposit.


We reserve the right to amend this website and our terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.